If only the world were as bright and lovely as a certain mister Luke Edward Hall sketches it out to be. With a Hellenistic style, a fauvist sharpness of the pen, and a Palm Beach palette, Hall's designs have been catching the eye of aesthetes everywhere - most recently having landed him a dream collaboration with British authority on all things classic and fun, Burberry. 

Cheekily smart and irreverently punchy, his eponymous home decor line of painted ceramics, desperately chic throw pillows, and sets of portrait prints plump with character dripping of the societal ennui, is the wildcard factor every well-appointed home needs. 

Things couldn't be better for this most promising portrait of the artist as a young man, no? Add in a head of a hair that won't quit, and why, we'd follow just about anything Hall may have to say.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]