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Beyoncé's $100,000 Gold Leggings
They say you can always tell when something is made out of fake gold. Therefore, it's simply prudent to spring for the real thing, right? At least, that's what Beyoncé must have been thinking when she copped a fresh-off-the-runway pair of Balenciaga leggings made with real gold for a cool $100k, which she then wore to perform at the 2007 BET Awards. But that was before she became a wife and mother, and while I'm sure Blue Ivy will not want for the finer things in life, I'm also not sure what kind of example strutting around in pants that cost as much as a condo will set for your kids, so maybe it's for the best that these things haven't been spotted out lately. Still, who knew C-3PO could be so sexy? [via]

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