How Will Madonna's Perfume Stack Up Against The Silliest Celebrity Fragrances Of All Time?

by Alex Gilman · September 15, 2011

The average American has most likely not been overly concerned with how Madonna smells for about two decades at this point. This is not unusual; Madonna, after all, is now 53- but this does not appear to be discouraging her as she's rumored to be close to signing a mega fragrance deal with the world's largest perfume manufacturer Coty, who already have the Beyoncé and Lady Gaga-branded scents in their stable.

But here's the thing: while endorsed fragrances are big business, the attempts at crossover (read: lowbrow) marketing has often produced head scratching, hilarious results. If you want to see some of the tackiest, most awful celebrity perfumes and colognes, and you're too lazy to go visit your local Marshall's, check out our slideshow...