Coachella 2013 Artists We're Most Excited To See: Day 2

by Ginelle Boyer · February 1, 2013

Now that the rumor mill has mercifully come to a screeching halt with last week's release of the Coachella 2013 lineup, it's time to stop talking hypotheticals and holograms and discuss the living, breathing artists set play this year. Like many who were under the impression The Rolling Stones were playing, our jaws are still halfway to the floor in utter confusion by the headliner choices (uh, the Stone Roses? Someone lost a bet. That's the only way that makes sense.). Despite that highly perturbing part of the bill, there are plenty of other performers we are very stoked about on the lineup. Following yesterday's selection of Day 1 artists, here are the Day 2 artists we're most excited to see on Saturday, April 13th and 20th at Coachella 2013.

Hot ChipVelvet UndergroundYeah Yeah YeahsDeath Cab For Cutieemily haineskaren oLocal NativesSilver lakeLeonard CohenJoy Divisionbeach housethe XXIo EchoHollywood Forever CemeteryGoldenvoiceWild NothingThe SatelliteBen GibbardBasel CastleCoachella Music Festivalnew orderAmoeba Music2 Chainzempire polo clubCoachella ValleyCoachella 2013Ian CurtisJamie xxRomy Madley CroftIoanna GikaLeopold RossBloomCoachella 2013 Music FestivalCoachella 2013 FridayThe Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual FestivalThe Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival 2013Indio CaliforniaGoldenvoice 2013 CoachellaGoldenvoice CoachellaYeah Yeah Yeahs CoachellaYeah Yeah Yeahs Coachella 2013Yeah Yeah Yeahs Coachella 2013 FridayYeah Yeah Yeahs BandYeah Yeah Yeahs It's BlitzYeah Yeah Yeahs Karen OYeah Yeah Yeahs MosquitoModest Mouse Issac BrockIssac BrockModest Mouse BandModest Mouse CoachellaModest Mouse Coachella 2013 FridayModest Mouse Coachella 2013 Lou ReedLou Reed BandLou Reed CoachellaLou Reed Coachella 2013Lou Reed Coachella 2013 FridayLou Reed Velvet UndergroundCoachella 2009Coachella Outdoor Theater StageMetric BandMetric CoachellaMetric Coachella 2013 FridayMetric Coachella 2013Metric Coachella 2008Metric Emily HainesSyntheticaMetric SyntheticaLocal Natives BandLocal Natives CoachellaLocal Natives Coachella 2013Local Natives Coachella 2013 FridayLocal Natives Silver LakeLocal Natives The SatelliteAmoeba Music Local NativesHummingbirdLocal Natives HummingbirdIo Echo BandIo Echo CoachellaIo Echo Coachella 2013Io Echo Coachella 2013 FridayIo echo Ioanna GikaIo echo Leopold RossBeach House BandBeach House CoachellaBeach House Coachella 2013Beach House Coachella 2010Beach House Coachella 2013 FridayForever StillBeach House Forever StillBeach House BloomCoachella Music Festival 2013Coachella Music Festival 2013 Saturdaythe xx Coachella