Don't Panic, Here's Your Style Guide To A Rainy Coachella

by Dena Silver · April 12, 2012

So... have you guys checked the weather forecast for the Coachella Valley region this weekend? No bueno, friends. We don't know if Mother Nature is PMSing or what, but she's dropped an incredibly buzzkilling bomb on us by deciding to make the first two days of Coachella weekend, which, in previous years have been nothing short of awesomely sunny and warm, chilly and peppered with "showers."




Not only does this put a damper on the whole outdoor desert festival experience (although if you've ever seen footage of Woodstock, it could turn into an amazing giant mud romp, only with faux hippies instead of real ones) and pool party plans, but it also throws a real wrench in the whole wardrobe situation. We've covered how to werk the festival, events and pool parties with our Coachella weekend style guides, but didn't plan for shitty weather and we're guessing you didn't either. So Dena Silver has done some last minute fashion hunting and gathered a collection of gear to keep you rocking this weekend in style, rain or shine. -Emily

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