Inside Coachella Weekend's Neon Carnival, Possibly The Most Epic Party Of The Year

By Emily Green on Wednesday April 18, 2012

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There's a reason Neon Carnival, the Saturday night Coachella weekend party produced by Jeffrey Best and Brent Bolthouse, receives the sort of high-octane hype we're typically inclined to dismiss; it's because it truly is the most outrageous event of the year in the L.A. market. Of course the Jeremy Scott x Adidas party on the same night was dope, but it didn't have bumper cars, a giant slide, or a jam-packed dance floor of guests like Usher, Paris Hilton, and Kevin Connolly getting down like it's their job until 3:30a.m. like this year's third annual Neon Carnival. [All un-watermarked photos by Seth Browarnik/ courtesy of Shadow PR]