Brush Up On Your 4th Of July Pool Party Etiquette

by Alex Gilman · July 3, 2012

4th Of July Weekend is just about here. Hopefully, you're putting in your last full day before the five-day weekend, even staying late in the office if you have to in order to make sure every "i" is dotted, because the American workforce is full of can-do team players that never quit until the job is... hey wait, where are you going? You're leaving already? It's barely noon! Well, before you go, a question: you're not, by chance, going to a pool party this weekend, are you? Because I hear you don't do so well at pool parties.

It's nothing personal—lots of people don't know proper pool party etiquette. And while I could break it down in full detail for you, I know you're trying to get out of here. So take a glance at a few of our helpful pool party tips, and take it from there...