The Jewish Guy (And Everyone Else Who Doesn't Celebrate Christmas)'s Guide To December 25th In L.A.

by Alex Gilman · December 22, 2011

I have no trouble admitting that as a child, I was murderously jealous of all the kids in my class who got to celebrate Christmas.  Sure, we had Hanukkah, but eight days of books and sweaters as presents is difficult to digest as a young child. And although I learned to value my own unique cultural traditions (plus, my parents got us a Nintendo 64 in 8th grade), some of that old, lonely feeling bubbles up when I realize that ¾ of my friends will be scattered across the map this week, gathered in celebration of the day when, if my knowledge of Christianity is correct, Santa Claus gave Jesus a Nintendo 64 of His very own.

So what's a lonely Jew (or anyone else who doesn't celebrate Christmas) supposed to do in L.A. on December 25th? I have some suggestions...

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