The Official Coachella 2013 Weekend 1 Party Guide

by Chelsea Metzen · April 12, 2013

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You know it's that time of year again and you know we canvas the Coachella party scene better than anyone. Frankly, we are pretty blown away by the volume of events that will bombard the desert this weekend. Someone in the office said the count was in the neighborhood of 50, which means you better stock up on some Four Loko, 5-hour ENERGY shots or whatever other terrible substance you prefer to put in your body for party fuel, and make sure to bring plenty of Aleve and Gatorade, and perhaps a change of undies. From the fourth annual Neon Carnival and VIP gifting lounges, to literally dozens of daytime pool parties, there are more events to hit this weekend than ever before and we're here again to help you prioritize. So without further ado, we present to you the complete list of the top parties in the desert this weekend in our annual Coachella 2013 Weekend 1 Party Guide. More>>