Adrien Grenier Takes On Brooklyn With His Honey Brothers

by guestofaguest · January 22, 2009

What does Adrien Grenier do when he's not playing lackadaisical Hollywood supernova Vince on HBO's super successful, fantastical TV show 'Entourage'? If you guessed drum in a fairly generic alt-rock band called the Honey Brothers, then high marks and a smiley face for you today, 'cause you're absolutely right.

'The Honey Brothers' will be performing this Saturday at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg.

What to expect: lots of girls screaming to get in Grenier's pants, competing with the band's sloppy, surf-rock sound, and more doo-wop harmonies than the Beach Boys.

Doors open at 8; 'Xylos' and 'The Prigs' go up before the Brothers."