Survey Says Manhattan Has Most Hipsters, Brooklyn Kills Itself

by Courtney McGowan · January 20, 2012

According to completely accurate statistical analysis, the borough of Manhattan beats all when it comes to HPC (hipsters per capita). Like, whatever.

As any New Yorker can attest, one ride on the L train would be enough to convince you that the entire cast of Portlandia was found here, and to never ride the L train, but as the complicated graph below shows- Manhattan wins (or loses) again:

Priceonomics conducted a pretty scientific study using the most sure-fire methodology to figure out where the obscure ones dwell- they calculated the amount of people by borough who ride fixed gear bikes.

Let me hold your hand here, fixed gear bikes = hipsters.

While I concur that hipsters do indeed love the challenge and "minimalism" (ugh) of a single gear bike, there are many, many other factors to consider.

For instance, amount of:

Farmer's markets

DJ nights

Vaudevillian mustaches

Single malt whiskey bars


Instagram uploads per household

Warehouse parties

Freelance workers

Knit hats


James Blake downloads

Documentary filmmakers

Even the New York Times missed the boat on this one.

“Messengers are big fixie aficionados, but more and more fixed-gear bikes are being ridden by nonmessengers, most conspicuously the kind of younger people to whom the term “hipster” applies and who emanate from certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn.”


I'll see you in Staten Island.

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