Friday, May 11 @ 7:00 pm
Invite Only

A press/screening event will take place from 6pm- 10pm at The Jimmy Bar atop of the James Hotel in SoHo. Attendees; business moguls, media personalities and other tastemakers. MiX bikini, the world's first interchangeable bikini brand, launching their line officially on the May 11th episode of ABC's hit show; Shark Tank. The founder, Frank Scozzafava, made a deal with one of the moguls and the episode will broadcast at the screening event of May 11th. The mogul will reveal themselves and announce a contest where girls will submit photos of their personally mixed bikini throughout the summer for a chance to win a classic, mint- condition mustang convertible. Sponsor logos will be tastefully placed on the car; secured Milagro Tequila, The Jimmy Hotel, Perrier, Chic Sheets, etc. After the reveal of the mogul, the personality will showcase a brand new convertible with sponsor logos and launch a summer contest that will also be kicked off live on GMA after the event.