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Kanye West

We all know Kanye West's antics are hilarious although he's not usually intentionally trying to be funny. But did you know Kanye has a flair for comedy? Years ago he teamed up with Seinfeld's Larry Charles to create his own Curb Your Enthusiasm kind of show for HBO. Random right? But then again, it kind of makes sense because Larry David and Kanye do have a lot in common since those two DGAF about what anyone thinks. The pilot never got picked up because Larry Charles said HBO probably thought it was too hardcore for them, but it did end up getting screened for a small audience. He has nothing to be ashamed of because it's actually pret-tay, pret-tay good. However, now that he's trying to cultivate this super serious "greatest artist of all time" image, he probably wants us to forget about it. We mean, he doesn't even smile for the camera! 

Also this picture of him with Tom Cruise is something he probably wants us to forget too. Not because the picture is bad, but because it's Tom f*cking Cruise. Shiver.

[Photo via @kanyedoingthings]

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