Daily Style Phile: Keith Lissner: The Designer Worthy Of My Shilling

by Rachelle Hruska · September 3, 2008

Keith Lissner, Nicole Fiscella, Leighton Meister [Keith Lissner, Nicole Fiscella, Leighton Meister. Photo by Patrick McMullan]

Keith Lissner makes a living by making women look good.  Lately, even his free time has been taken up with this monumental task.  This being the case, I have no idea how the guy manages to find the time to always look so put together himself.  I try not to be overly gushy on these things...in fact that is one of my constant complaints: "Stop shilling for people, especially your friends, Rachelle.  People catch on and you lose validity in your posts." I will be the first one to admit that I can be a bit Pollyanna on gofg, but Keith is a case where I will not, under any circumstance, NOT shill.  Keith Lissner truly deserves any praise that I, or anyone else for that matter, could give him.

More story and photos below:

keith lissner

Keith is the real McCoy.  He is as genuine and heartfelt as they come, and a person that I am honored to call my friend.  His humbleness is almost annoying. Without Keith, I would show up in the same boring Little Black Dress to every single event.  He has helped me find myself and my personality through his designs, a gift that I will never be able to pay back.  I will forever be cheerleading for Keith Lissner until, before I know it, he will be a household name and no longer need to do charity work on me....I will still shill for him even then.

Tonight is Keith's fall presentation and I, along with all of the rest of his lovely ladies, will be there cheering him on.

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kieth lissner

Julia Allison, Mary Rambin, Keith Lissner, Rachelle Hruska, Megan Asha

keith lissner

Keith Lissner, Nick Dietz, Douglas Marshall

keith and paul

Keith Lissner and Paul Vinci

keith and nick

Keith Lissner and Nick Dietz

Rachelle and Keith

Rachelle Hruska and Keith Lissner