Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · January 28, 2009

Paul Johnson Calderon is super sexy snow day PJC style...Xxxxxxxxx. Updated via Facebook Mobile 14 minutes ago


Alexandra Alexis Okay so its majorly slushy outside... Updated via Facebook Mobile 49 minutes ago


Brittany Mendenhall is @ 1OAK. 6 hours ago - via Twitter


Jules Darling Kirby wants OUT. 9 hours ago


Kristian Laliberte just ate at Pacri and drove the roads of St. Barts a little bit wastoid. its like taking ecstacy and then going to a gay bar in iowa. unadvisable. 11 hours ago

More status reports below:

Jessica Coen Tonight I tripped and fell on my face while going *up* the stairs. Giving myself a gold star for jackassery. 12 hours ago - via Twitter

Peter Davis knew from the word go that Ruth was involved big time in hubby Bernie Madoff's Ponzi. The NYT even hinted that the "cookbook author" cooked the MADF books. 12 hours ago

Francesco Civetta iz spinning Wednesday Rock Night @ the Eldridge... 14 hours ago


Scott Buccheit is seeing Uncle Vanya with Maggie Gyllenhall and then meeting Susie C and Matt to toast the finale of her tv series! 17 hours ago

Charles Forman facebook is mostly down for me rather than up for the past week. great job guys. 17 hours ago - via switchAbit