Design AZ Jewelry Trunk Show at BoConcept Chelsea

by CATHERINE PERIDIS · December 4, 2009

BoConcept Chelsea held a trunk show for Design AZ Jewelry last night. The event was co-hosted by Alexandra Moosally and Zeynep Kudatgoblik.- [All photos by J.T. White for PMc] The co-hosts, a lawyer and banker respectively, brought out both friends and colleagues to the modern and contemporary design store. Attendees included Anna Brignone, Nancey Boas, Andrea Canal, Lavinia Guilian, Patti D'Arbandille, Sam Bolton, Myra Scheer and Sarah Forbes and Fabrizio Volterra.

Anna Brignone, Alexandra Moosally, Nancey Boas      Andrea Canal, Lavinia Guilian

Aaron Johnson, Brennan Bolman, Brock Sorsblom

Patti D'Arbandille, Sam Bolton, Myra Scheer

Matt Woolfey, Megan George          Sarah Forbes, Fabrizio Volterra

Ethan Firestein, Tory Hoen, Ari Heckman

Chad Holm, Carloyn Holm    Ashley Cushue, ? Talamini

Sam Bolton, Sally Wu, Sabrina Cho, Brock Sorsblom

Shaokao Cheng, Shawn Bell

Sylvia Choy, Judy Cho                   Steven Ekerovich, Sabrina Chapman

Derek Mielman, David Steel, Rick Johanesson, Felix Cherzer

Michelle Moosally, Sylvia Surla         Robin Joy, Quentin Phelps

Alexandra Moosally, Claudia Suan, Zeynep Kudatgobilik, Elif Sallorenzo