Friday Night Birthday Celebration At Su Casa For PJ Monte

by CARSON GRIFFITH · October 5, 2009

[PJ Monte. All photos by JT White and Lenny Emery] What happens in the Hamptons doesn't always stay in the Hamptons, and so we found out with Day & Night brunch thanks to the Koch bros at Revel, but that wasn't the only thing coming out of the East End this weekend. Kendra Seay and I were lucky to meet founder and CEO of Don clothing, PJ Monte, this summer (a brand that rolls with the Lola crew) Last name ring a bell? PJ's family owns Gurney's, the resort and spa located way out there in Montauk. The Hamptons native, who now lives in the city full-time, celebrated his Birthday with NYC friends and other Hamptonites at downtown spot Su Casa on Friday... And while things may have gotten a little crazy towards the later hours of the night, PJ balanced "party boy" and "host" quite well, sporting a bow-tie that said "F*#K 'EM", and a big smile. While none of Team GofG quite made it to the after-hours session at the Box in honor of Mr. Monte, we're pretty sure there were plenty of girls there more than willing to wish PJ a very Happy Birthday.

JT White

PJ Monte, Ryland Hilbert, Carson Griffith

Ryland Hilbert, Kendra Seay

PJ Monte

PJ Monte

Lenny Emery

PJ Monte holding court

Ryland Hilbert, Kendra Seay, Lenny Emery, Carson Griffith