No matter how confident you may be, no matter how well you think you know your body, hell hath no fury like a woman shopping for jeans.

Over at AYR, where their motto is slow fashion fast, they're all about producing simple, stylish pieces of amazing quality you'll want to live your life in. A groovy team of creatives who've been catching the eye of fashion editors and plebeian shoppers alike, their denim situation is a dream and a half. But actually, their jeans work hard - as in, buy-multiple-pairs-of-the-same-style-because-you-love-them-so-much, hard. A push up bra for the butt if ever there were such a thing. 

We caught up with the trio of co-founders, Maggie Winter, Jac Cameron, and Max Bonbrest, at their beautiful new NoHo studio shop to demystify the oh so scary process of finding the perfect fit, scouting the upcoming season's popular style, and more!

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]