Pioneering the changing tide in the hotel industry and bringing a new experience to vacation stays, is entrepreneur and hotelier Ben Pundole. A jet-setting hotel expert, Pundole is on a mission to change the way travelers experience hotels. His latest venture, A Hotel Life, is a website that aims to showcase the best hotels around the world. AHL calls itself a guide to discovering the best new places to stay when traveling.

Pundole has spent twenty years in the hotel industry, with a focus on what he calls "lifestyle hotels;" a new breed of boutique hotels that emphasize design, food, events, and experience, instead of the standard "heads in beds" approach. An alumnus of London's Groucho Club, the Met bar, and an executive at Morgans Hotel Group, Pundole recently opened the Hamptons hotel Ruschmeyer's and co-founded hotel group King and Grove. With A Hotel Life, he brings together editors and friends to collate a series of reviews that allows those looking for a luxurious travel experience to choose from a number of fresh and exciting new global destinations. We sat down with Pundole to discuss his new project and how he plans to change the way we experience travel.

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Photos by Porter Hovey.