Cozied up on the corner of Macdougal and Bleecker is newest city-wide obsession, by CHLOE. In a hype that can only be likened to such previous clinical diagnoses as Chobani syndrome, the Cronut effect, and Momofuku Fuku disease (which sadly, is terminal), people have been queuing up day in and day out to get their fix of vegan dishes delicious enough to make even the most carnivorous of individuals give plants a chance.

Noble cause, no? With two new locations on the way, and a following of hungry people to please, Chloe Coscarelli, culinary genius and ridiculously photogenic human being, and Samantha Wasser, the far too stylish to stand being around Creative Director of ESquared Hospitality, more than have their hands full. Luckily, we were able to sneak in a chat, conveniently paired with a few air baked french fries and a requisite cold-pressed juice. Haven't stopped by yet? Take a look! It's an Instagrammable feast, and everyone’s invited - vegans and non-vegans alike! But mind you, it's a jungle in there, swing seating and all, so be prepared to get scrappy if you want a table.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]