If Gwyneth Paltrow were a bodega. That's Clover Grocery. And yes, it's every bit as amazing as one would imagine. The second spot opened by restauranteur Kyle Hotchkiss Carone on what is quickly turning into his own personal slice of 6th avenue, this corner store catch-all has caused quite the buzz since opening.

Love it, hate it, love it and hate it (when the NY Post can't make up their mind on you, you know you're doing something right), one round of scanning the shelves and perusing the counter, and you'll be wishing your life were posh enough to call this your one-stop-shop.

Well manicured, but not overly touched, the space maintains the familiar, welcomingly sleek design that's driven success over at sister spot Cafe Clover just one door down. Peppered with pieces from Kyle's year long journey of carefully curating goodies, from organic gummy bears more natural than your last salad, to jars of hangover remedies, gourmet pre-packed foods ready to pick up and go, sweet paper-wrapped bouquets, matcha lattes, hilariously only-in-New-York chips - it's a jewelry box of delicious, healthy gems.

From vegan-friendly condoms to cucumber collagen beauty water, click through for our Clover Grocery tour with Carone.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]