Fernanda de la Puente isn't your typical NYC blogger. While most share their favorite fashion tips or dinner recipes, de la Puente digs deeper on her site CómoComo, offering wisdom picked up from spiritual leaders as experienced by a 20-something woman in a big city.

If there's one thing anyone in New York wishes they had more of (other than money and closet space), it's balance, something de la Puente constantly finds through her work. As a yoga instructor, actor, nutrition consultant, and blogger, finding balance isn't an easy feat. But it's worked for her because each passion has flowed into the next one, with Fernanda's commitment to embracing the present being the one constant in her life. It's through this sense of awareness that she reflects on life, and deftly communicates it to her readers.

With increased stresses demanding our energy and attention, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with de la Puente. Ahead of a trip back to her home in Peru, where she's shooting her first film, we stopped by her beautiful Williamsburg home to talk about CómoComo and learning to slow down in a fast paced city.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]