De Maria is a special place. A new must visit Nolita spot, boasting great food and a great design, it's more than just a hip place for hip people. It doesn't take long to tell just how much went into each of the design decisions made by creative director Grace Lee and culinary director/executive chef Camille Becerra. 

That they didn't buy just any mugs. That they didn't buy just any plates. Like its female heads, the restaurant's experience is an aesthetically thoughtful one. From the expertly curated playlist - it doesn't hurt that Grace is a music producer with a portfolio of big name hits - to the carefully art directed Rooster Bowls or all too pretty to eat House Tahini Yogurt painted with apricot and sumac - Camille's plating itself is just about as famous as her eye for taste, having previously worked for popular downtown haunts Navy and Cafe Henrie. 

Every which way you look, the all day cafe begs to be appreciated - Instagrammed even, you know, if you're into that kind of thing. Taking inspiration from a catalogue of artists, the mid-century designed space, dried with washed colors that feel at once Southwestern, scandinavian, and somehow, New York, is an ongoing exploration. A seasonal street mural greeting passersby, a to-be-installed projector rolling through film scenes, a delicious dinner menu soon to be served, and a downstairs lounge awaiting its final touches. The cool girl destination may have just made its debut, but De Maria should already be on your radar. Click through for our catch-up with founders Grace and Camille.

De Maria, 19 Kenmare St.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]