When she's not hosting one of her signature dance classes at the Standard High Line or on tour with a pop star like Madonna, you can likely find Nicole Winhoffer breaking it down at an underground Vogue ball somewhere in the city. It's not what you'd expect from one of the hottest workout instructors on the scene, but she does a lot of the unexpected. With clients including Charlotte Ronson, Steven Klein, and Stella McCartney (with whom she just became a Global Women's Ambassador to Adidas by Stella McCartney), Nicole is a certified fashion world favorite - a fitness guru who incorporates balance and soulful sensuality into all her classes, and isn't afraid to indulge in some good wine once in a while. Let's just say she knows what's up. 

Her NW Method snaps and snippets have garnered her quite the Instagram following (over 63,000 at press time), and it's no wonder. She posts daily video tips and workouts that even the most beginner of #FitChicks could use. But those in the know, however, never miss a session with her in person. From colors to scents, Nicole incorporates every element into her class experience to inspire clients to flex not just their muscles, but their minds.Speaking of flexing, we caught up with Nicole for a little chat and workout on the West Side, where she showed off some Stella McCartney for Adidas must-haves and talked Madge, music, and her ultimate night out.

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Photos by Wendy Ploger