This summer, it seems like every New Yorker on the L train is commuting to work with a cold-pressed juice in hand. Well, at least everyone who gets on at the Graham stop. Neighborhood staple Grass Roots Juicery has been holding down the fort since 2013, offering organic cold-pressed juices and smoothies, and healthy food options in East Williamsburg seemingly before it was cool. Steering the ship is owner Sabrina Diaz, a former vintage buyer turned shop owner, who always seems to be ahead of the game with her impeccably curated taste and style.

In a few short weeks, she is launching her latest collaboration with Hannah Bronfman's HBFit and we, for one, cannot wait to get our hands on the long-awaited products. They are introducing nine new items to their line just in time for fashion week. It's easy to get a glimpse of Hannah Bronfman's day to day through her impressive, up-to-date Instagram feed, but we wanted to go behind the counter and find out what Sabrina has been up to, how she made it in the neighborhood, and get some advice for starting a small business.

[Photos by Yumi Matsuo]