After a fateful fairytale meeting waiting in line at Trader Joe's in LA - perhaps the most adorable of modern meet cutes - the once floral novices turned fashion fete must have's Michael and Darroch Putnam have taken over the flower market. But actually. Not a trip to the floral district goes by without seeing these two dreamboats with armfuls of something amazing out of the corner of your eye.

No party of note it seems is complete sans their sylvan touch, and understandably so. With an aesthetic that speaks to rambling walls of greenery, and low sung arrangements that look as if they've just burst, their portfolio is beyond Pinterest-worthy.

We caught up with Michael and Darroch at their Putnam & Putnam Club Monaco shop - a most well-appointed home away from home - to chat blooms, inspiration, and all things holiday. 

Let's just say for your next old fashioned, seasonal dinner party tablescape, ditch the red and green!

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[Photos by Wendy Ploger]