Noa Santos

We all do it, have no shame - spending hours and hours on Pinterest at peak levels of procrastination, basking in DIY decor envy, and wallowing in your small city apartment and dwindling furniture funds. Some days it feels like we'll never have the bold perfection of a statement wall or the organized quirkiness of a photo frame collage. But thanks to Homepolish co-founder Noa Santos, we might just have a chance.

Along with Will Nathan, Santos came up with the idea for a totally custom, totally convenient, and totally budget-friendly interior design service in late 2012. For aesthetics-obsessed millennials with small urban apartments and no budget for a big designer, Homepolish is the perfect answer. But they don't just polish homes. In a society (and city) where the lines between work and life are blurred, Homepolish also recognizes the need for an inviting, comfortable office space - they even redesigned ours! And speaking of offices, we stopped by Homepolish HQ to chat design, inspiration, and a worldwide takeover with Noa Santos.

Photos by Wendy Ploger