A quintessential New York "It Girl," Arden Wohl has always had a unique and inspired sense of style that can be looked to as a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stuffy fashion world. She's one of our favorite creatives on the scene, having tried her hand at everything from film making to pastry making, and so when we learned of her latest foray into footwear we knew it would be something special.

Teaming up with designers Julie Dicterow and Gina Ferraraccio of vegan accessories brand, Cri de Coeur, Arden has launched a line of shoes that is both ethical and fashionable, and, of course, flavored with plenty of her artistic flair. We caught up with Arden and Julie to get our feet wet in their sea of shoes, learn about their upcoming fall collection, and find out what, exactly, "Cri de Coeur" means in a world of fast fashion.

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Interview by Andrea Uku

Photos by Anjelica Jardiel