Interview: Bone Deep & Harmony's Lya Mojica Shares The Ancient Health Secrets Of Bone Broth & More

Move over, kale! From Brooklyn to Portland, bone broth is the latest in health food "trends" that aren't actually trends (in this case, more like an ancient therapeutic tradition). With nourishing health properties and a range of unique benefits, bone broth has been used for centuries by cultures around the world, so it's no surprise that modern-day soul-searchers and self-care experts have started to pick up on it. Here in NYC, the broth connoisseurs creating the buzz are Lya Mojica and Taylor Chen, founders of the bone broth delivery service, Bone Deep and Harmony. Besides their yogi expertise (and impeccable taste in '90s rap), the effortlessly glamorous and spiritually-centered New York mothers apparently have a knack for business building. Their small-scale project has already grown from a private broth exchange to a certified sensation, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. We spoke to Lya (who also instructs our founder, Rachelle Hruska, in the art of yoga) about her budding company, post-workout beauty tips, and the secrets of living a healthy and balanced life.

[Photos by Vlasta Pilot]