Brendan Fallis

In the last couple of years, Brendan Fallis has skyrocketed to the top of every DJ list, becoming one of the most in-demand DJs in New York. He goes from nightclubs, to runway shows, to  museum galas on a weekly basis, and effortlessly rocks the crowd every time. His work ethic, friendly demeanor ("I love people. My business is kind of people."), and good looks have made him a staple on the nightlife and fashion scene, whether he's behind the decks or not.

Fortunately for us, we have the pleasure of seeing Fallis frequently at events. From the Absolut Elyx party where he spun hip-hop jams with friend Theophilus London an hour after the party ended to the recent Apollo Benefit where he turned the Metropolitan Museum into the Boom Boom Room for a few hours, he's proved to live up to the hype. We decided to dig a little deeper, so we visited his apartment to talk about music, fashion, and his business ventures.

Interview by Gautam Balasundar

Photos by Steph Jensen