Callie Reiff

It's not everyday that someone from the tween set manages to grab our attention here at Guest of a Guest, but when we saw 13-year-old Callie Reiff rubbing elbows with the likes of Vera Wang and Hailee Steinfeld at this year's CFDA Awards, our interests were instantly peaked. After doing some digging, we were undeniably hooked on the young fashionista making waves in the blogosphere. From ballet, to Djing, to modeling, this young blogger does it all, and she does so with a sense of personal style and confidence that we rarely see from even some of the most veteran members of the fashion industry. After our enlightening sit down with Callie, it's safe to say that she's destined to go on to do great things, and now we'll also be able to say that we knew her when. We're calling it now - you're looking at the next Cara Delevingne here, so click through to read the full interview with's Callie Reiff.

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Interview by Andrea Uku.

Photos via Nellie Park and @calliereiff123