Interview: Chuko's Staff Serves Up The Best Ramen & Foodie Recommendations In Brooklyn

We have Chuko to blame for a severe lack of time spent in Manhattan. When you live a five minute walk from a place that serves the best ramen you've ever had in a glowing little warren hole of joy, it’s pretty hard to venture further afield. When talk turns to dinner (usually at around 2 pm, just after lunch), Chuko is still the name we have to beat off with a stick, so tempted are we by the steaming bowls of pork bone broth and silky noodles served up by the friendliest staff in the city. So when it came to looking for food destinations to visit, we knew the best people to talk to would be our loyal ramen-servers. Any excuse to walk through the door. Here, we accost the gang at Chuko during their precious lunch hour, to ask them their favorite food, drink, and late-night spots in New York.

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[Photos by Issy Croker]