We've all been there—it's the night before or morning of a major social event (one that you've had circled on your calendar for months) and you suddenly realize that your 'do is flat and you have no hair-spiration to save you. It's way too late to book a chair at your favorite salon, and besides, no one really wants to run around the city when there is some serious party-prepping to do. So what's a busy lady left with? Well, if she lives in the 21st century and has a smartphone, GLAMSQUAD is here to help.

The at-home beauty app makes ordering a hairstyle as easy as Seamless-ing your lunch. With a simple swipe on your touchscreen, you can browse a menu of trendy looks and have a top stylist at your door ASAP. Since we can't even stand waiting for our 4G phones to load, this new buzz in the beauty biz is just up our alley. In the midst of their going viral, GLAMSQUAD's Co-Founder and CEO, Victoria Eisner, had a moment to give us the scoop on the future of getting glam.

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Interview by Stephanie Maida

Photos by Anjelica Jardiel