Lucy Sykes Rellie

New Yorkers may go into a frenzy whenever Will and Kate come for a visit, but if there's one Londoner that NYC society will always be loyal to, it's Lucy Sykes Rellie. Along with her twin sister, novelist Victoria "Plum" Sykes, Lucy has navigated her way through the galas and charity balls, fashion shows and glossy offices, to the top of the city's social scene, earning a reputation for being glamorous, charming, and effortlessly stylish along the way. After four years spent as the Fashion Director of Marie Claire, creating an international children's line, and a stint as the Fashion Director of Rent The Runway, Lucy has now taken to the pen, with her own novel, The Knockoff, on the way in 2015. We couldn't help but wonder how a woman who wears so many hats has time to stay stylish, sociable, and inspired, so we sat down with Lucy in her West Village home and talked everything from secret gardens to Glade® scents that remind her of home.

[All photos by Wendy Ploger]

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