Pari Ehsan

There are art blogs. There are (plenty) of fashion blogs. But then there is Pari Dust, blurring the line between the two in the most beautiful way. A former architect and interior designer, Pari Ehsan is now a full-time well of inspiration, formulating intricate pairings of clothes and creative pieces, producing a magic all her own. Last year, her flawlessly curated Instagram account was honored as one of the first to be nominated for the inaugural CFDA Fashion Instagrammer Of The Year Award, gaining her not only credibility, but also the ambition to dare even further. With over 205K followers on Instagram and experimental style moments that have incorporated artists including Basquiat and beyond, Pari's ambition (and move to the blogosphere) seems to have paid off. We caught up with multifaceted Instagram It Girl to talk inspiration, aesthetic, and why, when it comes to social media, "the weirder and more eccentric the better."

Jason Gringler Studio Wearing Beckley white leather overalls, J. Crew sweater, J. Crew pumps, Zana Bayne choker Photographs by Jason Gringler Hair by Cosma De Marinis