Interview: Lyon Porter

Rustic luxury in the heart of Brooklyn? That's not something you hear every day. But, then again, Urban Cowboy founder Lyon Porter hardly does things by the books. The former hockey star-slash-top real estate broker moved to Brooklyn in 2001 - that is, before Williamsburg was squeaky-clean and gluten-free. In 2014 he embarked on the ultimate "passion project," as he calls it; the Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast, "a peaceful oasis in the Urban Jungle." The 4-bedroom Brooklyn townhouse, complete with exposed brick walls, wide plank pine floors, and plenty of country charm, is a place for locals and wanderers alike to mix and mingle, turning from strangers into international friends. The social aspect draws in even native New Yorkers, who, though opting for a sort of staycation, are immediately transported out of their element. Trust us, we did it. After checking out the newest niche in NYC, we caught up with Lyon to learn all about his foray into the Wild West of Williamsburg and the secrets to his passion project's success.

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[Portraits by Ben Kulo, Interior photos by Ben Fitchett]