Zoe Buckman

It's not everyday you see a placenta encased in marble, but that innovative take on the female experience is central to the art of Zoë Buckman. While you may have seen her name before in relation to her A-list husband (actor David Schwimmer), the 29-year-old mother of one is making her own waves in the art world. The London-born Buckman now lives and works in NYC, exploring a range of media from sculpting to stitching, voicing and visualizing themes like life, death, feminism, and hip hop. With her first solo exhibition now on display at Garis & Hahn Gallery, we thought it was the perfect time to pick her brain about art, inspiration - and where she hangs out in the city. While she'd rather hang out in her PJs with her family than walk a red carpet, even Buckman can't resist stepping out for some Caribbean food.

[Photos by GofG, Zoe Buckman & BFAnyc]