Long the magic hand behind some of the most successful Instagram handles to have blown up feeds everywhere (turns out many people've a special spot for lopside tongued pups), Katie Sturino's a veritable like-machine. With a face you just want to double tap, she's been busy busy this past year working on her blog, The 12ish Style. A site for "size 12ish - 18ish girls living in a size 2 world," it features everything from fashion, fitness, and lifestyle advice, to killer street shots of little Miss Sturino posted up oh so fashionably around New York's oh so fashionable West Village. 

We checked in with our favorite funny friend to talk social media, self-starterdom, style, and but of course, learning to love yourself. Though when you're Katie Sturino, loving yourself, well, it's not so hard.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]