A few weeks ago at a retro-themed diner in Gramercy, a blue haired 16-year-old sat wide-eyed in a vinyl booth, double-fisting milkshakes and talking about Instagram...and intersectional feminism. That's Kit Keenan for you - Cynthia Rowley's ambitious, aspiring filmmaker daughter who's cooler than any teenager we've ever met. To be fair though, it's in her blood. And while she's definitely not afraid to spread her wings and find her own niche in the world, Kit is a New Yorker through and through, which means good taste in fashion and food is just a way of life. (We mean, how many of YOU spent nights out at Morandi before even hitting your 20s?)

And don't let the rainbow 'do fool you - Kit may be well-versed in both social media and new slang, but she's got an entrepreneurial head on her shoulders Mama Rowley should be proud of. From social activism and internships to an upcoming trip to South Africa, Kit caught us up at her favorite haunt, Big Daddy's, and pretty much schooled us on Generation Z. 

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]