“I have a clothing line coming out in February.”

[Some of Leandra’s favorite fashion items] Tell me about the other collaborations you have in the works. Leandra: “I have a clothing line coming out in February.” Really? Wow! “Yeah with Patterson J. Kincaid (of Jaya Apparel Group, the company who houses the Elizabeth and James clothing line and more) and Jane Siskin, who's great. She’s one of the most awesome females in the world.” What kind of clothes will be in the line? “It’s all really easy contemporary sportswear, I’m saying sportswear really casually, because there are maxi skirts and organza shorts in it.” What’s the price point? “$98-398, it’s pretty good.” What kinds of stores will we be able to find it in? “I definitely know that it will be sold in Saks and Niemen Marcus and I think Nordstrom’s bought it – Bloomingdales, you know all the contemporaries more or less, and then a bunch of boutiques.”
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