New York City’s cultural center of gravity has officially hopped the L train. First stop, Williamsburg. Not so long ago, “Bridge and Tunnel” was a term that Manhattanites used to denigrate their borough brethren. Now, many Brooklynites use “B&T” to snarkily refer to their undesirable Manhattan neighbors. The times, they are a changin’. Today, the cultural cognoscente can fly into JFK and have a hip NYC vacation without ever stepping foot on Manhattan. And, Australian born, Manhattan bred, Dumbo residing Peter Lawrence is just the sort of global nomad who can help cement the trend by giving these “adventurous travelers” what he refers to as “practical luxury” at the Wythe Hotel.

Form follows function, and the Wythe Hotel’s “practical luxury” hospitality has picked up the plot where post-Schrager Manhattan hotels left off. The Wythe is all Brooklyn, all the time, in the best way. And come on, be honest, aren’t we all just a little tired of Manhattan? Williamsburg may very well be the 4th largest city in America, but it’s also well on it’s way to becoming the hippest, if it isn’t already.

The free trade coffee that is Williamsburg has been brewing for a long time, and Peter Lawrence is encouraging you to wake up (at the Wythe Hotel) and smell the coffee – on their hand made-in-Brooklyn custom beds.

Photos by Porter Hovey.

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