No matter how deceivingly easy it may be to fall down a Pinterest black hole, or doggy ear a pile of shelter magazines, there's still a fair amount of guess work in tracking down exactly where all that good stuff came from. That hutch, those sconces. The pieces pros use not just to prop out a shoot, but to decorate their lives and those of their well-appointed clients. 

An accomplished designer and interior architect, Jessica Kamel knows exactly where you should be looking. And so, following years of casually pointing friends in the right direction, she's formally launched the answer of where to find things. A full-service interior design firm slash sourcebook, Ronen Lev simplifies the search, offering readers access into an aesthetically intimidating world often reserved for professionals.

Got a thing for wooden benches? What about magazine racks or bar carts? Jessica's personally curated Top Ten lists are full of artisans, designers, and makers that will elevate your market knowledge for sure. Not to mention give you some new styles and collections to obsess over. Because really, there's more to life than Restoration Hardware people!

Click through for a look inside Jessica's unsurprisingly warm-meets-cool uptown apartment, and for a few tips on styling your own space.

[Photos by Yumi Matsuo Photography]