The spotlight is on Landon Clements as part 2 of Southern Charm's highly-anticipated reunion airs on Bravo. The hit show, now in its fourth season, follows the lives of Charleston-based socialites trying to navigate life in the south. With the drama surrounding the launch of her new travel site Trovare, and the dating rumors sparked by the first episode, Landon's certainly found herself in the middle of this season's frenzy, and it's been nothing short of enthralling.

We caught up with Landon and her business partner Anna Lombardi while they were in town for the reunion, and got the inside scoop on what's in store for Trovare. In this exclusive interview, the Southern Charm stars turned business partners set the record straight on who they really want to marry, where you should take them on their next date, and how they may be finding their way to the big screen sooner than we thought.

[Photos by Yumi Matsuo Photography]