You'll be hard pressed to find someone, nay - anyone as cool as one Miss Stacy London. With a face that launched a thousand newly fashioned attitudes, Stacy's recognizable to everyone who hasn't spent the last 10 years living under a rock with no access to television, beloved most for her time as the spicy, smart-talking style expert on What Not To Wear

But perhaps not as recognizable is just how playful and curious the stylist's off-screen style has grown to be. Similarly playful and curious, her cozy Brooklyn home is just as inviting and cheerful as the woman who renovated and designed it (not once, but twice!). With a decorative touch of mischief thrown in for good measure, of course. 

From her collection of vintage glassware to a seriously fun take on tablescapes (hint: think less floral arrangements meets candles, and more Jurassic Park meets Star Wars), she's the hostess with the most creative, exciting approach to entertaining around, so you can bet she's got some tips on how best to savor the season and ring in the holidays!

Take an inside look at Stacy's fun abode, and be sure to check out her space at The Dining Room by Marie Callender's this December for even more design inspiration!

[Photos by Nick Onken]