When we began the summer with word that our beloved Montauk would be the subject of a Bravo reality show, we were skeptical. Regardless of much local reprisal, Summer House followed the lives of nine young professionals who, like many of us, live for the weekend out East. With a crew of twenty-somethings crammed into a Hamptons beach house, there was bound to be a lot of Springer-level drama. And boy was it amusing. From the tangled story-lines which included cheating, drunken-quarrels, daddy issues and more, arose crowd favorite, Stephen McGee. With his hair in missionary disarray and bandanna neck-tie quaffed, we could always count on Stephen to deliver the bad news or a knockout one-liner that would leave his housemates stunned.

Stephen, an Alabama native, escaped his small town for NYC at the ripe age of 20, where he eventually found himself working as an event planner for luxury brands as well as celebrities. On the show Stephen served as a self-proclaimed, "confessional" as he was always around to add an honest element to the conversation. Not only did we look to Stephen for his sense of humor, but also his innate style that was a far cry from the Bravo norm. We're all about a summer uniform and Stephen had this down. The funniest Bravolebrity paid us a visit at our home-base in NYC, The Jane, and gave us the inside scoop on filming and his infamous blind date, looking, of course, as dapper as ever.

Photos by Yumi Matsuo