Nail salons may be a dime a dozen, but you'll be hard pressed to find any such salon experience as that which awaits you at tenoverten. Everything that a manicure should be, the stuff that Saturday afternoon or post-work dreams are made of, it's not just another stop on your errand run, a thing to check off your to do list, but a place you dig out time and cancel plans to slip away to.

With a serene, relaxing setup, it's more like the luxury apartment of your new wealthiest friend than the all too common hole in the wall nail bodega, and will have you booking a standing appointment and devoting yourself to reaching a level of cuticle perfection that would make nail icon Olivia Palermo proud. 

We checked in with Founder and friend Nadine Abramcyk during just another fabulously chic day at the office with sister Jaclyn Ferber, and business partner Adair Ilyinsky. Take a look for just about everything you could want to know and more - from how to finally make that mani last, to the nail trend you'd do best to kick.

 [Photos by Wendy Ploger]