In a city of sceney spots, oh the all too rare pleasure of a simple, smart place to dine away the hours of the evening, wine glasses deep in artful conversation. Such is the portrait of Soho's newest bistro, King.

Nothing ornate, nothing put on. A contemporary realization of the much missed classic old New York concept of dining, which is here achieved by, of all people, three London expats (Clare de Boer, Jess Shadbolt, and Annie Shi) who seem to have a better understanding of what the city could use than we. 

Just a few weeks old, paint still fresh and floors un-scuffed, the new name on the block, facing such South Village neighborhood favorites as Charlie Bird, Raoul's and Aquagrill, is prime to revolutionize the date night spiral of death.

Modern day couples - homing pigeons returning to the same place over and over, ordering the same things over and over. Welcome King's short but sweet daily changing menu, and date night need never be monotonous again. 

Warm interiors with no fuss. A yellow hued wooden bar welcomes you to the space, as tucked behind a pocket sized dining room breathes the cozy air of a time when waiters pulled your seat out for you and phones had no place at the table.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]