Candice Miller and Jenna Crespi are quintessential New York City women. The multifaceted, multitalented sister-sister duo have dipped their pens into industries across the board, from Candice's background in fashion buying and education, to Jenna's law degree and former role at Gilt City, making them the perfect examples of entrepreneurial spirit. The faces behind the go-to guide for the coolest moms around, Mama & Tata, Candice and Jenna have set out to share their lifestyle tips and showcase a network of women making waves throughout the city. The New York natives prove that great mamas can expect the best out of everything, whether it be family-friendly activities or fashion-forward shopping, without sacrificing their own beauty, glamour, or well-being. We caught up with these balanced babes at Candice's home-office in Tribeca to talk their local favorites, the benefits of working with your sis, and what exactly makes NYC ladies so special.

Photos by Wendy Ploger