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Their first big break came in the summer of 2007, when restaurateur Frederick Lesort offered Derek the opportunity to become a managing partner of his lounge “Frederick's” on the Upper East Side. Daniel decided to join him a few months later choosing to bow out gracefully and not burn bridges with Phillipe. In the meantime, Derek convinced Michael Wainstein to invest in the lounge and turn it into a restaurant. On a celebratory Vegas trip they linked up with their old friend from Columbus, Blake Seo. They convinced him to come help them launch their new restaurant concept “Jour et Nuit” (French for Day & Night). Blake, being a master carpenter, helped them flip the space in just three months. All the stars had aligned for the brothers and they opened their first restaurant at the age of 25. Though Jour et Nuit was short-lived, it gave the twins valuable experience, motivating them to break new ground in the Hamptons. They joined the promotional team at the Southampton hotspot “Dune” run by Noah Teppenberg and Jason Strauss. After a successful summer in the Hamptons, having gained even more knowledge from two veteran operators, the twins were ready to recreate Day & Night. With Michael Wainstein’s support, Dual Groupe was formed.

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