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“Do a shot with us.” he says. It’s Tuesday night and I have work in the morning, but that has never that stopped me before. The bartender pours what appears to be 160 proof vodka into his cocktail shaker followed by a mysterious bright orange liquid. Kirill tells me it will “put me on my ass.” I laugh and down the shot with the rest of the group. It’s sweet and goes down easy, though the taste of alcohol is strong enough that I make a mental note to pace myself. Its 12:30AM and the crowd at the Tiki bar/nightclub Riff Raff’s in midtown east is just starting to get into it. The bass from the booming house music reverberates throughout the entire room, which is relatively small and intimate. We’re celebrating fashion blogger and Kirill’s “best friend” Samantha Lim’s birthday. We head to her table in the back of the room. He introduces me to some of his other friends. One of which is his girlfriend who is really pretty and exceptionally sweet. After taking another shot, we make small talk and I ask her “How she keeps up with his drinking?” “I don’t” she says laughing. I assure her “It’s probably for the best.” Three rounds of shots later and he’s ready to shoot.

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